Pass Control Office

The Pass Control Office is located beside the Security Operations Center. Steve Atkinson, Commissionaire, handles the day-to-day operations including issuing RAIC’s and resolving any issues that arise on a daily basis. The Pass Control Office schedule is posted on the door. Please refer to these times to book an appointment.

Any person who requires access to aircraft or restricted areas at the Charlottetown Airport must complete an application process to obtain a valid Transportation Security Clearance (TSC).

Pass Control Process

Employees who need a Transportation Security Clearance, Restricted Area Identity Card (RAIC) or Restricted Area Pass (RAP) should follow these basic steps:

  1. Book an appointment with Pass Control
  2. Review and collect your required documents
  3. Review and fill out your required forms
  4. Bring your forms and documents to your Pass Control meeting

The Pass Control Office collects your forms and sends them to Transport Canada for processing. We verify all the information before sending to speed up the process. If Pass Control does not review your forms to catch mistakes, Transport Canada would send the entire package back and your approval would be delayed.