2023/24 YYG Taxi License Renewal

YYG will be completing taxi license renewals throughout the month of May. To receive a license, you must sign-up and attend an in-person training session and complete ATPDR training.

In-person Training Sessions

June 2nd – 3:00 PM

Training is anticipated to take 30-45 minutes and coffee and snacks will be provided.


ATPDR Training

Our annual Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities (ATPDR) taxi driver training will be done virtually again in 2023. You must complete the required training (Full or Refresher) outlined below prior to coming to the in-person training session to receive your 2023/24 license and sticker.

How do I know what training I need – Full or Refresher?

Full Training is required upon initial licensing, every three years thereafter, or if you are inactive for a year or more at the airport. On years when Full Training isn’t required, Refresher Training is required.

To find out what training is required from you, please see the list below. Drivers are listed alphabetically by first name.

If you are required to complete Full Training:
Step 1

You can access CTA’s training program through their website. The training consists of a comprehensive, 45-minute program with six modules. The on-line, self-guided training videos, entitled “Accessibility for All” can be viewed here:


Step 2

Once you have reviewed the training videos, complete the “Accessibility for All” quiz. The quiz can be accessed here:


Step 3

At the end of the quiz, please print the certificate of completion for your records and a hard copy to bring in for our records.

IMPORTANT: You must achieve a score of 80% or higher for the Charlottetown Airport to accept your certificate. The certificate will be printed with any score, so it is your responsibility to ensure you score 16/20 or higher before providing it to the airport. You can only attempt the quiz one time per 24 hour period per device.

If you are required to complete Refresher Training:
Step 1

If you are only required to complete Refresher Training as per the 2022 Taxi Driver Training Required list, please review the training document below.

Step 2

Once your review is complete, please sign the 2022 Confirmation of Completion of ATPDR Refresher Training form (linked below) and print a hard copy to bring in for our records.

Receive Your 2023/24 Airport License

Licenses will be completed immediately after in-person training if all requirements are met:

  1. You have received your 2023/24 City Taxi License;
  2. You have completed ATPDR training (outlined above); and
  3. You have completed in-person training.

* Please note, you will need to provide your City of Charlottetown 2023/24 license and driver’s license to receive your YYG license and sticker.


If you have further questions, please reach out to taxi@flyyyg.com.