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Taxi Training

Due to COVID-19 our annual taxi training will be done virtually this year. All training will be completed by drivers online. Once it is safe to do so, drivers who have completed their training will be asked to come to the airport to receive their 2020/2021 sticker.

Please read the following instructions to complete your training.

What is this training?

The Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) requires all Federal transportation providers and terminal operators be trained on how to assist persons with disabilities. The standards for these services are set out in the Personnel Training for the Assistance of Persons with Disabilities Regulations and the Canadian Transportation Agency’s codes of practice. This training would have been required upon your initial licensing with the Charlottetown Airport and must be updated annually by re-certification or refresher training.

How do I know what training I need – Recertification or Refresher?

Recertification is required upon initial licensing and every three years thereafter. On years when recertification isn’t required, refresher training is completed.

To find out what training is required from you, please see the list below. Drivers are listed by stand, then alphabetically by first name. Taxi Training List 2020

If I need to recertify, what do I need to do?

Step 1

You can access CTA’s training program through their website. The training consists of a comprehensive, 45-minute program with six modules. The on-line, self-guided training videos, entitled “Accessibility for All” can be viewed here: otc-cta.gc.ca

Step 2

When the training videos are completed, test your knowledge with the “Accessibility for All” quiz. The quiz can be accessed here: www.classmarker.com

Step 3

At the end of the quiz, please print the certificate of completion for your records. A copy of the certificate must also be sent to taxi@flypei.com for our records.

If I only need the refresher training, what do I need to do?

Step 1

If you have completed the certification training before (in the last two years) and the Airport Authority already has a record of your completion, please review the CTA’s resource tool “Best Practices for Providing Assistance to Customers with Disabilities” which can be viewed here: otc-cta.gc.ca

Step 2

Once your review is complete, please sign the 2020 Confirmation of Completion of Refresher Training form (linked below) and email it to taxi@flypei.com for our records.

Confirmation of Refresher Training Form

Still not clear?

If you have further questions, please reach out directly to Meghan Senechal at msenechal@flyyyg.com