Travelling With Cannabis

Here’s what you need to know about cannabis and travel.

Cannabis Use at Charlottetown Airport

Cannabis use is prohibited on airport property. This includes the areas outside the terminal building designated for tobacco smoking.

Travelling within Canada

Passengers of legal age are permitted to travel within Canada with up to 30 grams of cannabis in their possession. It is illegal to travel with any more than this amount for non-medicinal purposes.

Passengers travelling with medical marijuana will be asked to present medical documentation when the amount declared or discovered during screening appears to be more than the legal limit allowed for recreational cannabis.

Cannabis oil is subject to the 100ml liquid limit at security screening, and must be placed with other liquids, aerosols and gels in a clear, resealable bag no more than 1L in capacity.

Current regulations regarding travelling while impaired have not changed. Airline employees have the authority to refuse service to a passenger they believe to be impaired.

Travelling Across International Borders

You may NOT take cannabis in or out of the country. Taking cannabis across the border remains a serious criminal offense subject to arrest and prosecution, despite the legalization of cannabis in Canada. This prohibition applies regardless of the amount of cannabis you have with you, whether you hold a medical document authorizing the use of cannabis for medical purposes, or whether you are travelling to or from an area that has legalized or decriminalized cannabis.

To find out more, visit the Canadian Border Services Agency website: Canada Border Services Agency website.