Airport Launches New Taxi Program to Improve Passenger Experience

The Charlottetown Airport embarked on a new taxi program that has seen positive results since the May 1 launch. The new program sees the airport license individual drivers instead of the previous model of having a license with one primary taxi company. The goal of the new program was to improve the passenger experience by increasing the number of taxis upon arrival of flights and decreasing wait times for travellers.

“We needed a change. The previous model made it a challenge for any one company to meet passenger demand and often resulted in a passenger experience that we deemed unacceptable. So far, the response from passengers and drivers has been very positive. Wait times are down significantly and a larger number of taxi operators are lined up before flights even land,” says Doug Newson, Airport Authority CEO.

Under the old model, only drivers working for the primary taxi provider could solicit passengers at the airport. To prepare for the May 1st launch of the new program, the airport held weekly training sessions beginning in April and to date, 113 drivers are licensed to service the airport.

The Airport Authority developed the new program over the winter months, in consultation with taxi stand owners, drivers and dispatchers. The program includes a new, simplified fare structure, a zone map for Charlottetown, Cornwall, and Stratford and a designated Taxi Kiosk staffed by the Corps of Commissionaires.

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