CAA Receives Level 1 Airport Carbon Accreditation Certification

The Charlottetown Airport is pleased to announce they recently received Level 1 certification through the International Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) program. The ACA program promotes environmental efficiency and carbon reduction.

“We recognize the effects that airport activities and associated carbon emissions have on the environment and we want to do our part in helping to reduce these impacts,” says Airport CEO, Doug Newson.

The ACA program is designed to manage, reduce, optimize and ultimately neutralize the carbon footprint of airports through four levels:

Level 1: Mapping

Level 2: Reduction

Level 3: Optimisation

Level 4: Neutrality

The first level of the program monitors base level carbon emissions from airport-controlled sources over several years. The second level is achieved once a reduction in airport-controlled emissions is evident and a Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP) is created, which involves implementing carbon management strategies and setting targets for carbon reductions. The third level of the program involves extending the scope of emissions to include tenant and public emissions within the airport property and involving tenants and the public in the CRP. The fourth and final level is neutrality, which involves implementing strategies to offset the carbon emissions from the airport that could not be reduced in previous levels.

“The Charlottetown Airport is excited to start its journey to carbon reduction with receiving Level 1 ACA certification. With this base level analysis, we can go forward with creating and implementing a CRP over the next several years to improve the local environment on the island and help lead a change in industry practices on the East Coast,” says Newson.

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