COVID-19: 5 Ways to go Touchless at the Airport

Our team has worked hard on ensuring our airport is safe for passengers. Some of these measures have included plexiglass shields, mandatory face masks, reduced seating and enhanced cleaning. However, traveller behaviour can also go a long way in staying healthy. On top of washing or sanitizing hands frequently and avoiding hand-to-hand contact with others, here are some suggestions to help you go touchless at the airport:

1. Check-in Online:

Check-in online from the comfort of your own device. Many airlines will offer online check-in 24 hours in advance of your scheduled flight.

2. Mobile Boarding Pass:

During your online check-in, select the mobile boarding pass option which will be sent to your phone. This will eliminate the need to print a hard copy boarding pass or hand paper back and forth to agents.

3. Use Carry-on Luggage:

While sometimes checking a bag is unavoidable, a carry-on eliminates the need for a bag tag, limits the number of hands touching your bag and allows you to bypass baggage claim areas where larger groups tend to congregate.

4. Use Credit Cards or Touchless Payment:

Avoid using cash where possible and opt for “tap” payments. If you do need to exchange cash, be sure to wash your hands immediately afterwards.

5. Bring your Own Water Bottle & Snacks:

Eliminate the need to purchase food or beverages while you wait for your flight. Bring your reusable water bottle and fill up at our sensor-activated water re-fill station post-security. Consider packing solid foods to snack on (ex. granola bar, nuts, apple). To learn what food is permitted and not-permitted, visit: